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Proposal Deadline: August 11, 2023


October 8-10, 2023

Supporting Our Education Candidates

NOTE: Changes that occur after October 1st will appear on the website version only.

Embassy Suites by Hilton San Marcos
1001 E McCarty Lane
San Marcos, TX 78666

Office Hours with TEA

Drop in with your questions

Monday, October 9          1:30-5:30 pm

Tuesday, October 10       9:00-11:30 am



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October 8-10 Conference

$250 Early Registration Rate

$300 after September 15, 2023

$350 Onsite Registration Rate

$100 Registration Rate for graduate students presenting with a faculty member

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October 9 One-Day Track

$50 Registration Rate


Conference Hotel 
Sold Out!

Embassy Suites by Hilton San Marcos 

1001 E. McCarty Lane

San Marcos, TX 78666

Overflow Hotel

Holiday Inn Suites

900 Barnes Dr. 
San Marcos, TX 78666

(512) 392-6355

Additional Area Hotel 

Homewood Suites by Hilton

451 Barnes Dr.

San Marcos, TX 78666

(512) 667.7011

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2023 Conference Chair
Dr. DeAnna Jenkins

Welcome to the 2023 CSOTTE Conference! As the conference arrives, I am always excited for this conference and the opportunity to learn with and from other Educator Preparation Programs (EPPs).

Education is one of the most rewarding professions with which a person can engage.  Many feel they were/are called to the education field.  Many of us feel by preparing educators to carry on in this honored profession, we are providing a beneficial service to our country, state, communities, parents, and most importantly, our education candidates. Where would this nation, and its citizens, be without the opportunity for an education? Educators, teachers, administrators, counselors, and superintendents provide the foundation of learning for every child entering the classroom.  Education is the basis for every career one can imagine; whether that be a scientist, doctor, lawyer, teacher, politician, entrepreneur, or a career yet to be identified, all have been provided some level of education.

In today’s world, wellness seems to be a topic one of the most talked about concepts in our current environment. No matter the favorite media you “tune into”, whether that be television, radio, or social media, there will quickly be a section, advertisement, “hack”, or expert speaking on wellness within one’s life, whether that be in terms of physical, mental, financial, relational, nutritional, or spiritual.

As we come together during this year’s conference, I wanted to continue to build on our past conference themes, “Teachers Can!”, “Passion, Positivity, and Perseverance”, and “Teaching is Heartwork!”, with the concept that to be an effective educational leader in the classroom, on the campus, or in a district, one must find wellness within their own lives. As our 2021 CSOTTE Chair, Rebecca Frederickson, discussed, teachers “turn on the light” for so many, many students, yet, who is turning on the light for them?

Therefore, the 2023 CSOTTE Conference Theme is CSOTTE Cares! For our educators to do the work of the heart, persevere, and keep their passion and positivity, they must be able to find a balance, or sense of “wellness”, within their own lives. As you see on the graphic, there are 12 puzzle pieces with some of the various items that impact a person’s “wellness” or “balance” in their lives. Within the puzzle, you see the image of a heart with a missing piece. The identified concepts, of course, do not communicate all parts of a person’s life, but attempt to build a visual of how these items link together to bring a sense of wholeness to one’s life.  For instance, without physical, mental, and/or financial stability, it is often hard for the education candidate to concentrate effectively on the tasks at hand, such as completing modules/classes, studying for a certification exam, field observations, completion of practicums and/or internship tasks. So, my question this year is, as EPPs, how are we providing that “helping hand” to ensure a sense of “wellness” or “balance” for our candidates within our programs? Of course, I realize that we cannot solve all the issues our candidates face, but as EPPs, we can seek to understand how we can advocate for, minimize the wake our programs create, and assist our candidates in their future success.

As we engage together during the 2023 CSOTTE Conference, let’s seek to find ways to continuously improve, sharpen each other’s thinking, advocate for our candidates, as well as to realize the opportunities for “wellness” within our programs and our own lives.

Thank you to our conference sponsors and vendors!

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