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Monday, 3:45 pm-4:30 pm


Room:  Veramendi Salon A

Type of Session:  Multi-Topic Session


Peer Mentoring: Leveraging Faculty Expertise to Onboard and Develop Site Coordinators?

Helen Berg, Sam Houston State University

Susan Harte, Sam Houston State University

Daphne Johnson, Sam Houston State University

Michelle Parker, Sam Houston State University

Valeece Simmons-Davis, Sam Houston State University


In this session, participants will learn how site coordinators at one university collaborate and share expertise to develop teacher candidates in a yearlong residency. The discussion will include information about onboarding new site coordinators as well as developing and sustaining existing site coordinators.

The second presentation of this multi-topic session has been canceled.


Room:  Veramendi Salon B

Type of Session:  TEA Session


Effective Preparation Framework

Jessica McCoughlin, Texas Education Agency


Room:  Veramendi Salon C

Type of Session:  Single-Topic Session


Establishing Relationships and Changing Mindsets

Melba Muniz-Foster, Texas A&M University-Texarkana

Deborah Shidmantle, Texas A&M University-Texarkana


Even with honorable intentions, at times, teachers and teacher candidates unexpectedly find themselves unfairly imparting judgment on students and families, thereby contributing to inequities limiting student achievement. To avoid biases, A&M-Texarkana faculty made a clear commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) by integrating equity-minded instruction and strategies throughout the EPP. Through continuous improvement efforts, faculty regularly share growth and processes as they integrate practice-based and equity-minded instructional practices in courses and clinical practice. As a work in progress, we will candidly describe growing pains and paradigm shifts that have occurred. More importantly, we will share how our work has positively impacted our students, particularly in building meaningful relationships. Syllabi, activities, and processes will be shared with participants.


Room:  Veramendi Salon D

Type of Session:  Single-Topic Session


Higher Education Data Boot Camps: One Educator Preparation Program’s Vision for Creating Collaborative Data Faculty Meetings for Continual Improvement

Amy Clifton, West Texas A&M University

Jennifer Denham, West Texas A&M University

Beth Garcia, West Texas A&M University


Presenters utilized a historical study to analyze pre-service teacher candidate practice certification exam data from 2018 to 2021. The presenters included the pedagogy and professional responsibilities (PPR) exam and 25 content area exams needed for Texas teacher certification requirements. Their objectives were to identify specific competency strengths and weaknesses and facilitate a data-sharing discussion to support faculty in the planning and instruction of coursework. By examining the Educator Preparation Program’s (EPP) testing policies, presenters validated candidate progression to the official TExES certification exam. New processes and data delivery timelines for continual improvement were established. This created Data Boot Camps.


Room:  Veramendi Salon G

Type of Session:  Single-Topic Session


I’ve Got Data! Now What? How to use Assessment Data to Improve Teacher Preparation

Elizabeth Garcia, Tarleton State University

Christy Reed, Tarleton State University

Crystal Rose, Tarleton State University


Teacher Education Programs are often rich in data. Before working with US PREP, Tarleton State University collected a slew of data that we could not utilize or even view! We had some work to do. How do we know we are collecting meaningful data, and how do we ensure that we are using the data in the best way possible to inform continuous improvement in teacher preparation? This session explores how TSU approached these questions and transformed its program to access, analyze, and regularly use assessment data to improve teacher preparation and ensure all teacher residents are day one ready to teach all students.


Room:  Veramendi Salon H

Type of Session:  Multi-Topic Session

UIW Teacher Network: Induction Support for Novice Teachers

Elda Martinez, University of the Incarnate Word

Denise Staudt, University of the Incarnate Word


The UIW Teacher Network was established in 2012 to provide program graduates with high-quality induction support as they transition into the teaching profession. The Network offers on-site and remote support to address the multitude of teacher responsibilities with a focus on teachers in their first three years of teaching. In 2022, the program has been redesigned to incorporate what we have learned in the ten years of supporting our graduates while adding facets of current teacher needs and research. This presentation will share findings from the first decade and the reconceptualized design for continued induction support for novice teachers.

The second presentation of this multi-topic session has been canceled. 


Room:  Veramendi Salon I

Type of Session:  Single-Topic Session


Learning by Scientific Design: Using a Cognitive Science Approach to Transform and "Uplift" Teacher Candidates' Thinking About Teaching and Learning

Andrea Foster, Sam Houston State University

Kristi Martin, Sam Houston State University


Learning by Scientific Design (LbSD) is a Deans for Impact initiative designed to improve teacher candidates’ thinking about teaching and children’s learning. LbSD emphasizes a cognitive science approach to prepare future teachers with a deeper and more robust understanding of how students learn so they can make instructional decisions that lead to deeper and more equitable learning for generations of PK-12 students. This study examines the impact on teacher candidates’ thinking and practices after experiencing learning science principles and teacher actions in their Fall 2021 - Spring 2022 methods courses. Assessment data show a significant impact on teacher candidates' thinking and practice.


Room:  Veramendi Salon J

Type of Session:  Single-Topic Session


Online Curriculum Best Practices

Lucila Gutierrez, ACT-RGV

Priscilla Salinas, ACT-RGV


The purpose of this session is to share best practices in one EPP's online curriculum.  These best practices led to the EPP's online curriculum to receive QM (Quality Matters) certification.  Lessons learned will be shared with participants related to ensuring success in the eight QM standards.


Room:  Chautauqua Salon A

Type of Session:  Sponsor Session


Pearson Updates: Texas Educator Certification Exam Development and Texas’ edTPA Pilot

Madison Cooper, Pearson

Mora Pressley, Pearson


Join representatives from Pearson for an update on the Texas Educator Certification Examination Program. We will review high-level exam development milestones from 2021-22, share updates on plans for future development, and provide details on the range of supports and services available to programs that have chosen to continue using edTPA during the 2022-23 academic year. Time will be reserved for questions and answers.



Room:  Chautauqua Salon B

Type of Session:  Single-Topic Session


Registered Apprenticeship Programs and Teacher Residencies:  Building Shared Understandings Between Workforce Development and Education

Shelley Diviney, Brazosport College

Rebecca Hampton, Inspire Texas

Kristi Kirschner, Brazosport ISD


The recent approval of teaching as an apprentice field through the U.S. Department of Labor has created unprecedented opportunities to shift teacher preparation norms across the nation. Registered Apprenticeship Programs (RAPs)—federally recognized, high-quality career pathways that offer paid on-the-job training with linked coursework, culminating in credentials for practice—provide financial support for aspirants in their chosen fields. Our partnership has allowed us to Register our Apprenticeship with the Department of Labor and reimagine teacher preparation pathways.


Room:  Spring Lake Salon A

Type of Session:  Single-Topic Session


Strong Ecosystems = Student Success

Eddie Henderson, West Texas A&M University

Kimberly McLeod, Texas A&M University-Commerce

David Scott, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

Michele Skinner, The Texas A&M University System


Continuous improvement plans have evolved into countless partnerships with our universities, including not only school districts but also region service centers, the Texas Education Agency, The Higher Education Coordinating Board, Charles Butt Foundation, West Ed, Teaching Works, US Prep, Branch Alliance, Texas Association of Future Educators, and Educator’s Rising. These collaborations have turned into a full ecosystem of educators whom all have the same goal – student success. This panel will share how they have moved their “handshakes to huddles” with their partners and how it has improved their educator preparation programs.


Room:  Spring Lake Salon B

Type of Session:  Single-Topic Session


Student Teachers…Missing Voices in Knowledge from Practice

Elise Pluff, Southwest Elementary School, Belton

Garrett Smith, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

Marlene Zipperlen, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor


Student Teachers…Missing Voices in Knowledge from Practice

 In this presentation, the action research involves student teachers and their university supervisors. Explored were the lived experiences of student teachers in their last semester through reflective responses and practitioner inquiry. There were three cohorts numbering 70 students. The action research examined the student teachers’ reflections over five questions as they neared the end of the student teaching experience. The findings based on the reflections from my students had three common themes: their student teaching experience far exceeded their expectations in a positive way,  classroom management has a powerful influence over the learning environment, and growth as a first-year teacher centered on their own students and the importance of providing a perfect environment where their students can learn and thrive. The conclusion is a success: voices speaking of knowledge because of collaboration and reflection opportunities.

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